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Email Marketing That Amplifies Your Brand

Amplify your reach and engagement with personalized email campaigns

Our Clients

Why do companies Trust Uniquely Tailored Marketing?

"Working with Uniquely Tailored Marketing made my life easier."

The team at Uniquely Tailored Marketing is filled with the most hard-working and knowledgeable staff at any agency I've worked with. They always get me the results I am looking for!

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Why Work with Uniquely Tailored Marketing?

Targeted Campaigns

We use precise segmentation of your audience based on demographics, behavior, and preferences leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. Get advanced audience targeting and increase the impact of your campaigns.

Unique Strategy

Our strategies are deveoped using proven methods that are tailored to the needs of each business's target audience. Get personalized, unique content curated specifically for your brand.

A Dedicated Team

All our clients are assigned dedicated strategy, design and writing teams who create custom content that is consistent with your branding. A dedicated team means your campaigns will be delivered on time and efficiently.

Our Gazillion% Guarantee

All of our email campaigns include our Gazillion% Guarantee- we guarantee an 8% open rate and a 1% CTR for each email campaign. If not, we will launch a follow up campaign free of charge.

Email Marketing Services

Targeted Email Campaigns Guaranteed to Convert, or the Next Campaign is on Us.

Amplify Your Reach

Increase your Engagement with Data-Driven Campaigns

ALL of our Email Marketing Services Include:

Unlimited  Edits

Up to 100,000 sends each week

Unique, Targeted Strategy

Data-Driven Targeting

100% CAN-SPAM Compliant

Creative Design & Copy

With a dedicated creative and copywriting team assigned to each client, we ensure personalized attention and a deep understanding of your brand identity and objectives. Our services guarantee unlimited edits, providing you with the flexibility to refine and perfect your email content until it aligns perfectly with your vision.


Additionally, we offer copyright ownership, ensuring that the content we create belongs exclusively to your brand. With a three-day turnaround time, we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality, enabling you to launch impactful email campaigns swiftly and effectively.

All this & More

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Keep your Customers Updated

Keep your subscribers up to date on important information, or share announcements to a wider audience using our database.

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Promote your latest discount or sale

Get the most out of your upcoming promotions with timely, high converting email campaigns that generate revenue.

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Show your Products to the Right Audience

Get your products in front of the right audience using sophisticated targeting and audience segmentation.

Campaign Management

Effective Campaign Management That Generates Revenue


Data-Driven Targeting & Micro-segmentation

By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and robust customer data, we meticulously dissect your audience into distinct segments based on demographics, behavior, and preferences.


Data Accuracy

In an era where precise targeting is paramount, our agency ensures that your email campaigns reach the right audience at the right time by maintaining impeccably accurate data.


100% CAN-SPAM compliant

One of the standout benefits of UTM's email campaign management services is our unwavering commitment to ensuring 100% CAN-SPAM compliance.


Advanced Analytics

Uniquely Tailored Marketing employs cutting-edge analytics tools to provide comprehensive insights into the performance of your email campaigns. 

How Email Marketing Can Help You


Purchase Influence

59% of respondents say that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions


of Millennials Prefer Email

73% of Millennials prefer for business communicatons to be delivered via email


Preferred by consumers

99% of consumers check their emails daily & email is the most preferred channel for business communications

Is Email Marketing Obsolete?

No way! We'll tell you why not.

There's been a lot of chatter saying that email marketing is dead. This is all fiction, and we are here to tell you that email marketing is alive and well.

Picture this: a cost-effective, game-changing marketing strategy that generates web traffic, nurtures meaningful connections, and catapults your brand to new heights. That's the magic of email marketing, and as a leading digital marketing agency, we're here to unlock its full potential for your business.


With strategic optimization and engaging content, we ensure your emails stand out, driving targeted traffic to your website. Personalized messages tailored to your audience's interests foster loyalty and drive conversions. Plus, consistent branding and eye-catching visuals leave a lasting impression, amplifying your brand awareness.


Are you Ready to unleash the power of Email Marketing? Book your free Impact Chat with Uniquely Tailored Marketing today and we will provide you with a customized strategy to amplify your brand - No obligations and risk-free. let's have some fun while growing your email reach and engagement!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for executing an email campaign?

An email campaign can be deployed within 10 days of starting a contract with UTM.


Here's what the process entails:

  1. Reviewing audience targeting, sizing, campaign messaging and design.

  2. Our internal team develops an HTML email creative file and submits it for approval.

  3. UTM will manage the campaign details including scheduling.

  4. We will fully test the email in a QA to ensure deliverability.

  5. Pending final approval after the QA, our internal team will deploy the live campaign according to schedule.

Where are the email addresses gathered from?

We gather email addresses and consent to contact through surveys, questionnaires, product registrations, and print and electronic subscriptions.

Is my business allowed to email UTM's database?

The short answer is yes. All of our data is regularly inspected and purged. When you work with UTM, you can rest assured that your deliverability is safe, and that we are 100% compliant. 

How do I know if emails will actually land in the inbox?

We utilize email inbox deliverability software and strictly follow best practices for message delivery including file weight, graphics to text ratios, the number of links embedded in email creatives, time of day and day of week for delivering messages, and monitoring length and content of subject lines.

How does Audience Targeting Work?

We provide clean data with a wide array of demographic and specialty data attributes from common targeting filters like age, race, or gender to unique identifiers like behavioral filters, specific medial ailments, or entertainment preference.

UTM experts will work closely with you to determine the most effective targeting and audience sizing to fit both your goals and your budget. Then, we get to work executing your email campaign while you sit back and count the leads. 

What are the country or languange parameters?

Emails can be sent throughout the United States and written in any language. Email analytics will be in English.

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