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Maximize your ROI and conversion Rate

Harness the Power of Digital Advertising on Search Engines, Social Media and YouTube.

Our Clients

Why do companies Trust Uniquely Tailored Marketing?

"Working with Uniquely Tailored Marketing made my life easier."

The team at Uniquely Tailored Marketing is filled with the most hard-working and knowledgeable staff at any agency I've worked with. They always get me the results I am looking for!

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Why Work with Uniquely Tailored Marketing?

SEO-Friendly Content

Get content optimized for keywords that resonate with your target audience. Our team identifies and implements the best opportunities that align with better SERP results.

Unique Strategy

Our strategies are deveoped using proven methods that are tailored to the needs of each business's target audience. Get personalized, unique content curated specifically for your brand.

A Dedicated Team

All our clients are assigned dedicated strategy, editing and writing teams who create custom content that is consistent with your brand.

Our Gazillion% Guarantee

Want edits to your content? No problem! With our Gazillion% Guarantee, we provide unlimited content edits. We will keep working and editing until you are Gazillion% satisfied.

Digital Ads & PPC

Get Optimized content Crafted for Your Target Audience and Tailored to Your Brand
ALL of our Ads Services Include:

Unlimited  Edits

Consistent Weekly or Monthly Delivery

Unique Content Strategy

Brand Aligned Content

Smart topc and title generation

Check out our service bundles!

Get one SEO-optimized blog article a week. Based on a list of pre-approved titles and topics. Included with this service is quarterly topic generation. You and your team have final approval of topics before writing starts.


The word count of each article depends on the topic. None will be less than 800 words, but if a topic needs more than that to be educational and informative to your target audience, then it will be the length most suitable for the content. So, if we need to write a 2,500-word blog, we'll write 2,500 words.

As an added bonus, each blog comes with a Blog Summary Video. This is a short video encompassing your blog's information with stock video, scrolling text, and calming background music. Perfect for social media

All of this is included with this service.

Create an Ad Strategy that Saves you Money

Get an Optimized Paid Ads Strategy that Maximizes Your ROI 

Digital ads serve as a dynamic and indispensable tool for businesses aiming to thrive. They offer precise audience targeting, cost efficiency, and measurable results.

When combined with a well-crafted strategy, paid ads can be the cornerstone of a thriving online presence in the modern business landscape. Optimizing that strategy is the unlock that will maximize your return on investment and generate more qualified leads.

Are you ready to maximize your ROI? Book your free Impact Chat with Uniquely Tailored Marketing today and we will provide you with a customized strategy to improve your conversion rate and increase your profit - no obligations and risk-free. let's have some fun while generating leads and driving conversions!

How Paid Ads Can Help You


Brand Awareness

Digital ads can increase overall brand awareness by 80%


Purchase Influence

Customers are 70% more likely to make a purchase from a retargeting ad.


Website Traffic

Pay-Per-Click ads generate twice as much traffic as SEO strategies

What We Do & How We Do It


Keyword Research and Optimization

Keywords can make or break your return.  With UTM you'd have a whole team of experts optimizing your ad strategy daily.


Ad copy and Landing Page Optimization

Crafting compelling, optimized copy that resonates with the target audience is crucial.


Analysis and Performance Monitoring

Working with a digital agency like UTM includes a dedicated team to identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities.

Our Process


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We Get
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the content?

our copywriters are the core of our business and they are at the very heart of your success. We take extraordinary care and have made a considerable commitment to selecting only the best and most experienced writers.

Our writers are mostly located in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other English speaking countries.

All UTM writers have, at minimum:

  • a bachelor’s degree (minimum, some have PHDs)

  • They are typically fulltime staff (not freelancers)

  • 2 years of full-time experience creating content

  • real-world published examples of their work

  • references for 2 years of work experience

Where is Uniquely Tailored Marketing located?

UTM headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Our employees and partners are located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and more. 

Do you work with existing keywords?

Yes, most likely. If we agree that the keyword is strong enough to create results, we will use it. 

How do edits work?

All of our content is backed by our Gazillion% Guarantee - which means unlimited edits. We keep editing until you are happy. Edits can be requested via phone, email, or simply by commenting in the Google Doc.

What is the typical turnaround time?

You can expect to start receiving content approximately 2 weeks after launching your project with us.

The first week is dedicated to research and planning. In week two, our writing team begins crafting your content.

After the second week, you will receive new content at the intervals we've agreed on.

What languages are supported?

Our content is only written in English, but we do provide translations on request and for an additional cost.

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