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Roofing Company SEO Case Study

A local roofing company with zero web presence that wanted to increase their online traffic and lead generation, but didn't know where to start.

The Opportunity

The client approached us in August 2019 with no online presence. They wanted to improve their local presence by increasing organic rankings and traffic to their website therefore increasing clientele and revenue. With zero key words ranking on the first page of major search engines, the main goal was to optimize their website for relevant keywords to increase their online visibility and attract the right clientele.

Our Solution

  • Through extensive keyword research, we identified the different ways customers were searching for relevant key terms. 

  • We designed and implemented an SEO campaign utilizing on-page and off-page optimization around targeted key words.

The Results

Are you curious how Uniquely Tailored Marketing could help you elevate your SEO strategies and generate real results? Reach out to us for a 15-min Impact Chat where we will give you a FREE, no obligation SEO site audit.


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