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Take your Social Media to the Next Level with Consistent, Engaging Content and Social Ads

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Why do companies Trust Uniquely Tailored Marketing?

"Working with Uniquely Tailored Marketing made my life easier."

The team at Uniquely Tailored Marketing is filled with the most hard-working and knowledgeable staff at any agency I've worked with. They always get me the results I am looking for!

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Why Work with Uniquely Tailored Marketing?

Optimized Content

Get content optimized for keywords that resonate with your target audience. Our team identifies and implements the best opportunities that align with best practices.

Unique Strategy

Our strategies are deveoped using proven methods that are tailored to the needs of each business's target audience. Get personalized, unique content curated specifically for your brand.

A Dedicated Team

All our clients are assigned dedicated strategy, editing and writing teams who create custom content that is consistent with your brand.

Our Gazillion% Guarantee

Want edits to your content? No problem! With our Gazillion% Guarantee, we provide unlimited content edits. We will keep working and editing until you are Gazillion% satisfied.

Social Media Services

Get Optimized Content Crafted for Your Target Audience and Tailored to Your Brand

Maximize Your Social Strategy

Unlimited  Edits

Consistent Weekly Delivery

Unique Content Strategy

Brand Aligned Content

Detailed and Insightful Analytics

ALL of our Content Services Include:


Our Work

Promotional, Informative and Engaging Social Posts and Custom Graphics Made Easy.

Custom Data & Analytics

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Audience Insights

Understand your target audience through sophisticated testing and real-time data

Social listening to ensure your brand is on trend and builds a community amongst your followers

Engagement metrics that provide unique customer insights

Analyze user behavior on social media platforms to identify the highest converting content

Campaign Performance

Organic or paid - Get the data you need to fully understand the impact of your campaign through unique insights

Full Social Media Automation 

Deep understanding of conversion metrics

Detailed Ads Analytics

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 6.21_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 6.21_edited.jpg
Metricool Competitor Analysis Social Media.jpeg

Competitive Analysis 

Gain valuable insights into industry trends to optimize your overall strategy

Benchmarking Against Competitors

Identify Content Gaps

Data-Driven Recommendations

Comprehensive reports on top competitors

Why is social media so important anyways?

Well, We're Glad You Asked.

Social media is a game-changer for businesses! It's a powerhouse for brand awareness, trust-building, lead generation, and sales. As a digital marketing agency, we're all about leveraging social platforms to their fullest potential.


social media creates brand awareness by reaching a vast audience with engaging content and strategic keywords. It's all about standing out and capturing attention. Building trust is equally crucial. Engaging with your audience, sharing valuable insights, and being reliable establishes credibility and loyalty.

And of course, social media is a lead generation and sales-driving machine. Compelling content, effective call-to-actions, and targeted promotions can lead to a steady flow of valuable leads and increased revenue.

Ready to tap into the power of social media? Book your free Impact Chat with Uniquely Tailored Marketing today and we will provide you with a customized strategy to grow your social - No obligations and risk-free. let's have some fun while growing your social and revenue!

How Social Media Can Help You



The Majority of businesses have experienced positive results from social media strategy. Social Media is effective for over 60% of businesses.


Purchase Influence

88% of consumer purchases are influenced by social media recommendations


Median ROI

Businesses that invest in their social media strategy see a median of 133% return on investment (ROI)

Our Process


Book a Free
Impact Chat






We Get
to Work


You, sit Back
and relax

Get a Social Media Platform That Helps you Reach Your Goals

Functionality You Will Love included in your services for free*!


Effective Social Media Automation with proven results (+44% Reach & +37% Clicks)


Access all pages and Profiles from one Convenient Dashboard

Plan ahead like you never have before with our one-of-a-kind automation tools. Automate your posts and campaigns, use content rules that help you keep the algorithms happy, set up triggered content to ensure only the highest engaging content is shared. 


Detailed Insights Beyond the Built-In Analytics of Each Platform

Go beyond Facebook Insights and built-in analytics. Gain profile Analytics that enable you to create in-depth reports and track the performance of all your pages and profiles. Track full funnel metrics and insights including Impressions, Video Views, Interactions, Page and Follower Growth, Demographics, Facebook Inbox Messages, Link Clicks and more.

Seamlessly switch between managing each social media profile as you save time, money and team capacity. Increase overall efficiency, and access historical data up to 365 days old. 


complete Management of your organic and Paid Social Media Strategy

Manage both your organic and paid social strategy with boardroom ready reports and in-depth analysis. Save your team's valuable time and get automated reports, updates, and campaign posts all in one place.

* This service is complimentary for clients who book 1 or more Social Media service in a bundle with at least 2 other services. Otherwise, this service will be charged as an add-on. UTM reserves the right to determine the pricing of this service and to choose to offer this promotion or not.

Social Media Platforms

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